CoinTerra® unveils TerraMiner™ case design – and it’s a beast!

October 15, 2013 – Austin, TX – CoinTerra® – the performance and value leader in ASIC Bitcoin mining solutions – Today presents detailed 3D-renderings of final case layout and design for the ™ powered TerraMiner™.

The TerraMiner™ series Bitcoin miner represents a new best-in-class mining solution for both enthusiasts and professional miners. At under $3 per GH/s the TerraMiner™ series offers not only the best price/power consumption per Gigahash but a rock-solid design. The unique case solution, designed by Ascendant Engineering Solutions® and CoolIT® water cooling, together with the GoldStrike1™ extreme performance ASIC brings to the mining world the first truly professional grade Bitcoin miner.

“With the TerraMiner™ series ASIC Bitcoin miner, CoinTerra® is ready to introduce true reliability, performance, power efficiency and simplicity to Bitcoin mining.”- Ravi Iyengar, CEO – CoinTerra.

The TerraMiner™ case design incorporates a long line of engineering firsts for ASIC Bitcoin miners such as, separate ventilated PSU compartment, unique push-pull wind tunnel design and CoolIT® water-block cooling.

“Every inch of the TerraMiner™ case design is perfected to allow for maximum cooling and performance, while ensuring reliable operation and a long lifespan of the Bitcoin miner.” – Jon Noeth, President – Ascendant Engineering Solutions.

CoinTerra® is on schedule for December 2013 delivery date for the first batch of TerraMiner™, with mock tape-out already performed and tape-out soon to follow.

The 1-2TH TerraMiner™ series ASIC Bitcoin Miners are available for limited pre-order with delivery in January from $3,499

These engineering renders were created to allow our engineers to study and optimize the design and layout of the final box with its various components, and especially with regard to airflow and cooling.  For clarity, not all components are present in these renders.



To view a animated 3D rendering of the TerraMiner™ case design visit the CoinTerra YouTube Page.

About CoinTerra

CoinTerra® designs and produces best-in-class Bitcoin mining ASIC processors and systems. The company’s state-of-the-art design methodologies and advanced architectures enable the delivery of Bitcoin mining solutions with the highest performance ASICs for the lowest power and die area. CoinTerra® boasts a highly experienced engineering team of semiconductor architects and designers who have previously designed some of the world’s highest performance CPUs, GPUs and chipsets for NVIDIA®, Intel®, Samsung®, Qualcomm® and Nortel®.




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